May 21 10 5:42 PM

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Just read in the new Soap Opera Digest that Mark Pinter(a.k.a.Grant Harrison) and his wife, Colleen Zenk Pinter(ATWT) are divorcing after some twenty + years together. They have six children(both were married previously so theirs was a "yours, mine and ours" family) and Colleen recently survived a battle with oral cancer. From what I read Mark Pinter is at fault with infidelity and abandonment cited as the causes for the breakup. Sad to hear of a couple splitting after so many years together.
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May 21 10 10:28 PM

Re: Mark Pinter Divorce Drama

Oh no, not Mark & Colleen too! I'm still reeling from SS and "his girlfriend" (if the photo caption & SS's lack of a wedding band was correct) at the HeartShare Gala last month.


"It has been a magnificent journey..." ~ Linda Dano, 1999 Daytime Emmys

Some banner photos courtesy of AWHP

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May 24 10 5:55 AM

Re: Mark Pinter Divorce Drama

Oh no, I am sorry to hear about Mark Pinter and his wife. What's this about SS and his girl friend? and no wedding band? Give me details. I had not heard anything about this.

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May 25 10 5:22 PM

Re: Mark Pinter Divorce Drama

Nettie found some pictures of LD and SS from a recent charity event. One of the pictures included some young thing(think her name was "Autumn" and Nettie uncovered that she and SS had done some theater work together) hanging all over SS and the caption referred to her as his girlfriend. Upon closer examination of the photo it appeared that SS was not wearing a wedding ring(which he always did before, as in back in the day when AW was still on the air). We haven't read anything to confirm that his marriage to Nancy Snyder ended; we're just assuming the worst .

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Sep 3 10 5:22 AM

Re: Mark Pinter Divorce Drama

How sad your story is. From my own examination, it seems that your assumption regarding that matter maybe positive. There's something wrong with the situation. It will be possibly fix if the two party agreed on it because it's so hard to do things without the consent of the other party.

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