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Hey, everybody!

Here are this week's clips. Thanks to Janie for the February 1993 scenes.


Douglas Agrees to Help Frankie With Her Ethics Term Paper and Notices Something About Christy, 1993

Douglas agrees to read Frankie's term paper for her ethics class if she'll bring over more of her herbal tea, and Frankie takes the deal. Douglas then notices how animated Christy is when she brings out champagne with Cass, and Cass says that Christy is even more discerning about the difference in various champagnes than he is. Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


Douglas Asks Frankie About Christy's Social Habits, 1993

Christy thanks Cass for being there for her and Douglas. Meanwhile, Douglas asks Frankie about Christy's social habits, and his worst fears are confirmed when Frankie says that Christy filled in for her at a ballroom dancing lesson, and that Christy hasn't gone out alone in a very long time, that she's always either with Douglas, or with Frankie and Cass. Douglas then announces that he and Christy will be leaving. Christy doesn't want to go, but Douglas insists, because he's tired, and because Christy has been there longer than he has. Christy says that maybe they can get together with Cass and Frankie next weekend. When Douglas says that maybe Cass and Mary Frances have plans, Frankie unknowingly makes things worse when she says that she and Cass would have no excitement if it weren't for Christy. Douglas watches like a hawk as Christy hugs first Frankie, and then Cass, goodbye, especially Cass. Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


Douglas and Christy--I Won't Let You Destroy Cass and Mary Frances!

When they get home, the angry Douglas confronts Christy about her feelings for Cass, and tells her that Frankie is supposed to be Christy's best friend and deserves better than that from Christy. At first Christy plays dumb, until Douglas flat out says it: Christy has picked Cass to replace him. She's planning on stealing her best friend's fiance away from her, isn't she? He asks if Christy is in love with Cass. Christy refuses to answer the question and goes on the defensive, asking how Douglas can say that, but Douglas grabs her by the arm and forcefully, firmly vows that if it's the last thing he does in his life, he won't let Christy destroy Cass and Mary Frances! (Go Douglas!) Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


Frankie and Cass 1993--Ryan Needs Us Now

Cass is surprised when Frankie asks him to take her to Grant and Vicky's wedding reception, since she was so against going to the wedding. Frankie tells Cass that she had it backwards: Ryan needs them now, more than every before, and Frankie's not going to let him dance through this reception alone. Cass says that's fine, as long as he gets to lead. Frankie asks why she puts up with Cass, and as they head out the door, Cass starts listing off the qualities of his that are the reasons Frankie puts up with him: he's cute, smart, funny, wonderful in bed, makes a mean viniagrette... Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


Douglas and Christy--I Won't Let You Take Mary Frances Down With You

Douglas and Christy have a heated argument in which Douglas vows to stop Christy from destroying her friends, and Christy angrily and defensively tells Douglas that he's insane and that she's not after Cass. Douglas blasts Christy for lying and lays out how he knows that Cass is the man Christy has chosen...and how Frankie, who has done nothing but be supportive of both Douglas and Christy through everything since they came to Bay City, has no idea that Christy is after Cass. Christy tells Douglas that he gave her his blessing to find someone else and now he can't handle it but it's too late for him to take back this legacy that he crowned her with. Douglas again points out how Christy has lied, and gets so agitated when demanding that she tell him the truth--which she refuses to do because she refuses to admit she's lying--that he throws his cane across the room and grabs her and turns her to face him. Christy warns Douglas to be careful of his heart. Douglas tells her that his heart is already broken, and that he was afraid that with Christy's emotional history, this destructive behavior would resurface. But now Christy is not only destroying herself, she is destroying her friends. Christy angrily asks if Douglas is going to throw her emotional history up in her face for the rest of her life. Douglas replies that he's going to throw it up in her face for at least the rest of his life, however long that is, and tells her that he won't let her take Mary Frances down with her. Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


The Stress Gets to Douglas--Christy Tends to Him

Douglas tells Christy that he thinks Christy wants the man Mary Frances love, and that Christy is irrational and emotional enough to try and get him. Christy tells Douglas she's sorry she ever met him. He found her when she was vulnerable and saved her from herself and now she has to pay for the rest of her life, in blood, for the honor of having been saved by his influence. She is shrieking as she tells Douglas that she's had it and demands to know why she is always wrong and he is always right, and if she is ever going to be good enough for him in this lifetime. When Douglas addresses her as "Christy," Christy flies off the handle again, saying that NOW it's "Christy," but when Douglas wants to tell her how to breathe, how to live, how to walk, how to talk, how to think, THEN it's Christina! She tells Douglas that she's not going to be his project or his patient and she doesn't think she wants to be his wife. The stress of the argument gets to Douglas, and he falls onto the couch gasping for breath and asking Christy to hurry as he tilts his head back, unbuttons his collar, and loosens his ascot in an effort to make breathing less difficult for himself. Christy places an oxygen mask over Douglas's mouth and tells him to look at her, then apologizes and says that it was all her fault, and she was wrong, and she's right there and will take care of him, so just relax and breathe. She'll be right here and she'll take care of him. Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


Douglas Threatens to Tell Frankie and Cass Everything About Christy

After recovering from his difficulty breathing, Douglas tells Christy that he is worried about her and that he doesn't want to hurt her, but he cannot allow her to continue on this course any further. Christy insists that she is not on any course. But Douglas says that if Christy does not turn her affections away from Cass, Douglas will tell Frankie and Cass everything--the truth about Christy, and her past and how it defines her present. He will tell Frankie that Christy has fallen in love with Cass. He swears that he will tell both Frankie and Cass. Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


Cass and Frankie 1993--They Really Are the Loves of Each Other's Lives

A short, sweet scene guaranteed to put a smile on the face of any Cass and Frankie fan, as they declare to one another, "You really are the love of my life" and embrace before the wedding reception of Grant and Vicky starts. Thanks to Janie for the scene.


Dean and Jenna--I Just Want to Have a Life and a Family With You. Just You.

Before going to Grant and Vicky's wedding reception, Dean stops Jenna when they are the last two left at the wedding site and tells her he wants to talk to her about getting married. He says how beautiful the place is, and Jenna agrees. They talk briefly about the wedding ceremony, which Jenna says was a lot like the Catholic Mass. Jenna asks Dean why he keeps looking at her like that. Dean says he saw some things in her eyes. Jenna tells Dean that she doesn't want him to feel like they have to make any decisions right away, especially since she hasn't told Felicia yet that she's pregnant. Dean asks Jenna what was going through her head when Grant and Vicky were getting married; he saw her dreams in her eyes during the ceremony. Jenna says that dreams change: "We're pregnant, and that changes everything." Dean says he saw that in her eyes too. Jenna tells Dean that she's not afraid...well, she is, but she's just the normal afraid. Dean asks Jenna if she ever dreamed of any of this when she was a little girl. She says of course she dreamed of her wedding day, but there were so many things that mattered so much more to her than just a wedding ceremony. Dean asks what other things those are. "A career, an education, finding someone to love," Jenna says. Dean asks if she feels she has any of these things. Jenna beams as she says, "Yeah. I guess I just didn't expect to get them all at once."

"I want you to be my wife, Jenna," Dean says. He moves her to happy tears as he continues, "Now, three months from now, or three years from now...Whatever you want, whatever you think is right, however you dreamed that it should be. I'll always take care of you. And we shouldn't feel any pressure from anybody to do anything at all, ever. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to have a family with you. But I'll tell you something: however we do it, we're gonna do it the way that you want to do it."

"What about you, honey? How do you want to do it?" Jenna asks.

"I just want to do it with you. Just you. On any terms," Dean replies. He and Jenna kiss. Dean asks Jenna to save him a dance so he can hold her in his arms. She tells him to try and stop him. They kiss again, and they head to the reception, arms around each other. Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


Cass and Frankie 1993--Talking to Daryl, and to Rachel and Amanda

The guests begin filtering in to Grant and Vicky's wedding reception. Cass and Frankie are standing and holding hands, and they greet Dana Kramer and her date, Daryl Beckett. Daryl is chilly toward Frankie. After Daryl and Dana leave to get some punch, Cass says that maybe Frankie should try to straighten things out with Daryl about Douglas, but Frankie says that Daryl can't hear her because his mind is stuck in his medical books. Rachel and Amanda arrive together and Rachel happily greets Cass and Frankie, saying that next they'll be dancing at Cass and Frankie's wedding. "From your lips to His ears," Cass tells Rachel. Frankie asks if they've seen Dean and Jenna, and Amanda replies that the last time they saw Dean and Jenna was in the chapel. Rachel asks Cass and Frankie if they're ready to party, and they both heartily reply that yes, they are. Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


The Corys, the Harrisons, and Felicia at Grant and Vicky's Wedding Reception

Ryan is keeping a tight rein on his anger and hurt towards Spencer and can barely stand to even look at the man. Iris tries to congratulate Spencer on Grant and Vicky's marriage, and he blows her off, causing Iris to remark to Rachel that Spencer is the unhappiest best man Iris has ever seen. When Iris asks Rachel if anyone has a normal wedding these days, Jake, who is filming the reception, pipes up, "Not in this town," as he passes by the women. Rachel tells Iris that Jake is working very hard for Sloane. Iris asks if Rachel thinks that Jake will cheat on Paulina with Sloane. Rachel tells Iris to be patient, but Iris says that she's too old for those kinds of tricks. Amanda and Jamie commiserate over their respective romantic statuses--Jamie is at his ex-wife's wedding, where his ex-fiancee is the maid of honor, and the woman he thought was going to turn his life around is a bridesmaid and is getting on with her life, while Amanda doesn't even know exactly where Sam is. Jamie says that he and Amanda will be okay, and Amanda agrees, saying it's in their gene pool, and besides things could be worse: Vicky could be marrying Sam. Jamie tells Amanda she's right, they could be worse. Spencer tries to get Ryan to talk to him, but Ryan asks if Spencer really wants Ryan to make a scene at his brother's wedding. Spencer asays Ryan has to understand, and Ryan replies, "I don't think I could ever do that again." When Spencer asks Ryan not to shut him out, Ryan finally stands up to Spencer once and for all and says, "Oh, I should have done that years ago. Maybe I should have done that, because then you wouldn't have turned out to be the worst father that ever lived!" Grant interrupts them to tell Spencer it's time for the best man's toast. Ryan practically dares Spencer to give Grant and Vicky his blessings. Spencer gives a bland, fairly nondescriptive toast wishing Grant and Vicky respect, honesty, caring, and love. (Well, they went 0 for 4 on that, didn't they?) Ryan makes it through the toast and then forcefully unties his bow tie and leaves the room. Jake films Grant and Vicky's first dance following Spencer's toast. Felicia escapes into the foyer and hurriedly downs two glasses of champagne. Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


Ryan Stonewalls Billy About the Threat Against Grant; Frankie Consoles Ryan

Captain Billy Cooper is incensed when he gets a phone call from the Feds telling him that the investigation is over and his men are to go home. Billy asks Ryan what's going on. "Threat's over," Ryan says laconically. Billy demands to know why a Federal investigation is being broken down in the middle of Grant's wedding and insists that Ryan tell him why Billy's detectives were allowed to go home. Ryan tells Billy to ask Parker. Billy asks Ryan what's wrong with him; he looks a mess, and Billy thinks it has more to do with the threats than with Ryan's brother marrying Vicky. Frankie comes in then, and says hi, and Ryan says hi to Frankie. Billy tells Ryan he's not going to beg, and he thought he could depend on Ryan, and he thought that Ryan trusted him, and then Billy leaves. Frankie asks what that was about, and Ryan tells her he can't talk about it. Frankie drops it and then asks Ryan how he's doing. In reply, Ryan looks at Frankie, obviously fighting his emotions and looking like he's about to cry. Frankie hugs her best friend and he hugs her back. Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


Felicia, Cass and Frankie at Grant and Vicky's Wedding Reception

All Cass does is say hi to Felicia and ask her how she's doing. She's drinking, of course, and immediately goes on the defensive, saying that Cass means how many has she had? Cass says he thought Felicia stopped drinking. Felicia replies that she stopped overdrinking, and she's hardly sipping this. She continues that she has fought with Lorna, defended herself to Rachel, and she has lost almost everything that ever mattered to her, so please, don't make her lose Cass too. Cass tells Felicia that she'll never lose him, and he loves her. Felicia says in that case, can't he just try and trust her, and leaves. Cass is standing with his head bowed, and Frankie comes over and rests her forehead against his temple in a gesture of comfort after Felicia walks away from him. Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


Dean, Jenna, and Felicia at Grant and Vicky's Wedding Reception

Dean and Jenna decide to go home because Jenna has a production meeting in the morning. Felicia elects to stay at the reception, telling Dean and Jenna that she's having fun people watching, promising to call Jenna in the morning, and saying her good nights to them. After they get outside, Dean tells Jenna that she has got to tell Felicia that she's pregnant. Jenna promises she will. Felicia goes back inside and grabs another glass of champagne from a waiter. Thanks to Janie for the scene.


Felicia's Drunken Scene at Grant and Vicky's Wedding Reception

In the course of her people watching, Felicia overhears Iris, Rachel, and Sloane Wallace about Jenna's success as a talk show host, and this leads to her making a scene in front of the trio, Cass and Frankie, and Jake. Felicia begins by referring to Rachel, Iris, and Sloane as "a meeting of the minds dead set to kill me." When Iris remarks that Felicia is drunk, Felicia asks if this is news to Iris, if Iris is the only one in town who doesn't know, which is when Cass and Frankie come in. Cass and Frankie each put a hand on Felicia's right arm as Cass suggests they go and get some coffee. Felicia shakes them off and says she'll get coffee when she's ready. Cass and Frankie take a step back from Felicia. Jake enters then, carrying his video camera, and Felicia yells at him to tape her meeting with Rachel and Iris. Jake starts filming, and Felicia launches into her tirade, saying that she used to have a career in front of one of these things. Frankie tearfully pleads with Cass to do something, but Cass replies that Felicia wants to do this, and maybe Felicia has to do this. Felicia looks at Cass and Frankie before facing Jake's camera again and resuming her tirade, in which she refers to Rachel as "Ted Turner in drag," and then refers to Rachel and Iris as "two literary hacks" who will go down in literary history as having turned down the greatest romance novel of the century. As for Sloane Wallace, the hatchet lady, she and Rachel will certainly be remembered... At this point, Jake lowers his camera from his eye. Felicia continues on where she left off, referring to Rachel and Sloane: "...for having ruined an established television career."

"Felicia," Jake says softly, looking right at her. "Don't."

Jake, Rachel, Iris, and Sloane Wallace are all looking at Felicia. Felicia turns around to find Cass and Frankie looking at them too. Felicia says they think it's the booze talking, but it's not. It's the truth. Then, with tears in her eyes, she leaves. Cass heads after Felicia, and Frankie excuses herself and Cass and heads after Cass.

After Cass, Frankie, and Felicia have left, the upset Rachel whispers, "Thank you, Jake" when he turns around to look at her and the shaken Iris standing behind and to the side of her. Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


Ryan, Grant, and Spencer--I Didn't Do It for You

Grant wants to release a statement to the press announcing that the threat is over, but Spencer balks, saying the less attention, the better. Ryan comes in then, and Grant asks him what he knows about this man who's made Grant's life miserable. Ryan says he was a madman who completely lost perspective and was willing to go to any lengths to keep Grant and Vicky apart. Grant thinks it was Carl, but Ryan says no, it wasn't Carl. Grant wonders who the hell else would have a grudge against him and Vicky like that, and why. Ryan asks Spencer if he could clear this up for Grant. Spencer, continuing his now-established lifelong tradition of being the worst father in the world (as Ryan so fittingly put it earlier) says no, he can't really clear it up for Grant. He adds that sometimes people do irrational things and sometimes the wrong people are hurt because of it. Grant says it's over with and he has a plane to catch and a honeymoon to begin. He thanks Spencer for everything and hugs him, then tells Ryan he can't thank him enough for everything. Ryan shakes Grant's hand and tells him to take good care of Vicky. Grant promises that, then tells Ryan and Spencer to come downstairs and throw some rose petals. After Grant leaves, Spencer thanks Ryan for not telling Grant that Spencer was the madman. Ryan tells Spencer, "I didn't do it for you," and walks out, leaving Spencer alone. Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


Cass and Frankie 1990--Emma the Perpetual Buzzkill Strikes Again

Cass and Frankie have finished breakfast with Sharlene and Emma the morning after their engagement party at the farm, and Cass suggests to Frankie that they could go to Tahiti for their honeymoon. Frankie smiles at the prospect, but Emma has to butt in and say it's a waste of money to go to an exotic place like that. Cass, finally fed up, says that maybe Emma is right, and he and Frankie could just get a couple of 28-day bus passes and go on a tour of toxic waste dumps and have a real economy honeymoon. Knowing that her beloved is at his breaking point, Frankie says that they have to get to work. Cass and Frankie thank Sharlene for breakfast, then tells Emma how real it's been. Frankie appeals to Sharlene to help her and get rid of Emma so that Frankie and Sharlene can talk when Frankie returns to the farm to pick up more engagement gifts. Frankie follows the angry Cass, leaving Sharlene and Emma the perpetual buzzkill alone.


Sharly Hurts Frankie's Feelings and Drives Emma Away, 1990

When Emma says that she thinks Cass ought to call her "Mrs. Ordway," Sharlene replies that she thinks Cass ought to call Emma a few things that shouldn't be said in company. Emma says that she's not the problem here, implies that Sharlene is, and then starts going on about how Sharlene wasn't herself when she was younger, but young people go through spells like that. Then she really insults Frankie by saying that Frankie is planning to get married during one of her spells. Angry, Sharlene defends Frankie, saying that Frankie is not a child. Emma retorts that neither is Sharlene, and that Emma couldn't help Sharlene when she was younger but Emma thought the doctor could, and now it's starting all over again, if it ever stopped, and the only one who can help Sharlene is Sharlene. Sharlene has no idea what Emma is talking about, so Emma starts describing the changes in Sharlene, and as she's describing the changes, Sharly emerges and tells Emma that if Emma thinks she's going to turn her into some meek little churchmouse who follows all of Emma's stupid rules, then Emma can just think twice. When Emma overhears Sharly telling Caroline Stafford that she has a lot on her mind besides divorcing John, she confronts Sharly after Caroline leaves, thinking it's Sharlene, and threatens to go to John and tell him what's going on even though Sharly orders Emma to stay out of her life. Frankie walks in in the middle of the argument, which abruptly stops. Emma leaves the room, and Sharly turns on Frankie, accusing her of rubbing Emma's nose in the fact that Frankie is sleeping with Cass, and of making Emma unhappy because she's not listening to anything Emma says. Deeply hurt, Frankie fights tears as she tells Sharlene that she thought Sharlene understood and that Sharlene was the one person Frankie thought she could count on, and then Frankie hurries out. Emma returns then and asks what's wrong with Frankie. Sharly lies that she tried to calm Frankie down, but Frankie wouldn't stay because she can't take Emma anymore. All Frankie wants is for Emma to be happy for her, but Emma can't oblige Frankie, and Sharly lies further by saying that Frankie told her that Frankie wishes Emma would go back to Oklahoma, because all Emma is doing is trying to destroy what Frankie has with Cass, and Frankie wishes that Emma had never even come to Bay City. When Emma says she's going to call Frankie, Sharly tells her that Frankie is happy for the first time in her life and doesn't need Emma calling her and making her feel guilty. Taken aback, Emma says if that's what her family really thinks of her, then maybe she should go. Sharly says she thinks that's a good idea. When Emma goes upstairs to pack, Sharly silently cheers at herself for getting rid of Emma, and getting Frankie to stay away too.