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Hey, everybody!

Well, we have a ton of clips this week! From early December 1992, Cass and Frankie have dinner with Douglas and Christy Carson, and do a little flirting at home alone together; Jake and Paulina go in search of Madonna; Lorna and Kevin's idyll in the country ends; Felicia's dressing room fire unites her family and friends and forces Lorna, Cass, and Rachel, but not Jenna (at least not yet), to realize that Felicia is indeed developing a drinking problem; and Iris and Hank continue to bond over Tommy.

From 1990, in the aftermath of their Las Vegas trip, Cass continues to do all he can to prove to Frankie that she is not cursed and that they truly do belong together.

And Linda Dano, John Aprea, Stephen Schnetzer, Alice Barrett Mitchell, Ricky Paull Goldin, and Alla Korot appear on "A Closer Look With Faith Daniels" to talk about AW and promote "Summer Desire," from June 1992.

Thanks to Janie for all of the 1992 show clips, and to Suzanne for the Faith Daniels interview.



Lorna and Kevin in the Country, Part 3

Kevin shows Lorna how to chop wood. When she slips on the rocks and falls in the stream on their way back to the inn and winds up all wet and muddy, he then surprises her with a bubble bath in their room. Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


Felicia at the Studio After Cass Leaves

Alone at the studio after Cass leaves to go home to Frankie, Felicia bums a pack of cigarettes from a crew member, then sits alone in the near-darkness with her vodka in a paper coffee cup and the cigarettes after the crew member leaves. Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


Iris, Hank, and Tommy--We All Need Some Help at One Time or Another

Iris and Tommy return from a limo ride to find a furious Hank waiting for them, because Tommy didn't tell anyone where he was going, and Hank got a call that Tommy was missing, which made Hank frantic. Tommy was supposed to stay inside, and he tells Hank to chill out, it's not a big deal, the worst thing he did was forget to call. Hank counters that it is a VERY big deal, and that Tommy disobeying him is not allowed, and if Hank knew Tommy was going to act like this, he wouldn't have brought him home from the hospital. Hank instantly apologizes for that last remark, saying he didn't mean it. Then he sends Tommy to his room. When they're alone, Iris tears into Hank for yelling at Tommy. Hank tells Iris he doesn't need her to tell him how to discipline his kid. Iris counters that Tommy hasn't looked better in weeks. When Hank says that doesn't mean Tommy's getting better, Iris replies that she knows that, and she thinks Tommy knows it too. Hank admits he's scared for Tommy. Iris knows, but she tells Hank they have to lighten up for Tommy's sake. They brought Tommy home in the first place so he could have the time of his life before... Iris trails off, leaving the sentence unfinished. Hank wishes he could take back what he said about not wanting Tommy to come home. Iris assures him that Tommy knows he doesn't mean it, and so does she. Hank tells Iris that he never would have gotten this far without her. Before she came along, all he thought about was the disease and how to fight it, and he got lost in that fight and forgot about all the living Tommy still needs to do. Iris pointed him in the right direction on that. Iris replies that they all some help at one time or another, and that Tommy couldn't ask for a better father than Hank, because he's a wonderful, caring man. Hank says he's lucky to have Tommy and a good friend in Iris, but he hesitates as if wanting to say something different, or more, than a friend. Iris says that she hopes Hank always remembers that she's a good friend. Hank thanks Iris for taking Tommy out and says maybe next time they can all go together. Iris says that'll be Hank's decision. Tommy watches in the background as Iris and Hank almost kiss, and Iris then leaves. Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


Felicia Confronts Sally Madison at the Jail

Felicia goes to the jail to see Sally Madison and confronts her about why she killed Luke. Sally has the gall to blame the whole thing on Felicia, saying that Sally may have pulled the trigger, but Felicia loaded the gun. Sally says that although it took her a long time, she got over Luke, and everything would have been fine if Felicia hadn't pushed Luke into her arms. No, Sally and Luke didn't sleep together. But Sally tells Felicia her story (which is obviously delusional): because Fanny the girl of his dreams couldn't accept him for what he was, Sally says, Luke came to Sally because he needed someone to hold his hand while he cried about Fanny. Whenever they were together, whether it was in the past or this year, it was always Fanny, Fanny, Fanny, Fanny, and Sally thought that Luke deserved someone who loved him, not Fanny. Felicia says that she did love Luke. Sally claims that she loved Luke more, and better, than Felicia. Finally Felicia asks Sally why Sally didn't just kill her. Sally says she would have if she could have, but if she killed Fanny, that would have hurt Luke too much, and she couldn't do that to him. The only reason she pretended to be friends with Felicia was because it was what Luke have wanted her to do after what happened. Felicia tearfully tells Sally that she got what she wanted, because the night Sally killed Luke, she killed Felicia too. Sally says that's good because she hates Felicia, and as Felicia leaves the jail, Sally yells after her that she hates Felicia. Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


Cass and Frankie Have Dinner at Douglas and Christy's House, 1992--Part 1

Christy is rushing around trying to make sure everything is perfect before Cass and Frankie arrive for dinner. Douglas thinks she's getting a little carried away, and asks her if he should have checked with her first before inviting them for dinner. Is Christy angry with him about that? Christy tells Douglas she's not angry. Douglas asks why she didn't have them over before now. Christy replies that it hasn't been the right time, that's all. Douglas asks Christy what she's not telling him. She evades the question. Douglas tells Christy that he wishes she would just tell him if there's some problem. Christy replies that she just wants tonight to be a success. Douglas assures her it will be. Cass and Frankie arrive then and exchange greetings with Douglas and Christy. Frankie returns the book on herbs that she borrowed from Douglas, and Cass brought a bouquet of flowers. Frankie shows Cass some of Douglas's indoor garden. When Frankie says she has some questions about the healing powers of some of the herbs, Cass and Christy derail the conversation, with Cass saying that once Frankie gets started on herbs, all thoughts of food leave her mind, and Christy saying that Frankie doesn't want to get started on that. Douglas tells Frankie that they'll get together to discuss herbs just the two of them. Frankie thinks that sounds perfect, then heads off to help Christy with the appetizers while Douglas offers Cass a drink. As Cass pours the drinks, he says that he'll have to stop kidding Frankie that way because one of these days she'll take him seriously. Douglas asks Cass if he's serious about some of what he said to Frankie. Cass replies he's not serious about it at all. He respects Frankie's beliefs. He was just joking about it. Douglas says that in his experience, women sometimes mistake humor for criticism, so Cass should avoid it. Cass replies that he doesn't think they have anything to worry about with two such straightforward women as Frankie and Christy. Douglas doesn't think Frankie and Christy are very similar in many ways, but adds that he's just met Frankie. Meanwhile, Frankie asks Christy why she's mad at Frankie. Christy says she's not mad, but Frankie retorts that she knows why Christy is mad: she came over without asking first and talked to Douglas, but she wasn't prying. Christy tells her to forget it, but Frankie refuses because Christy is mad at her. Frankie asks Christy if she really did a terrible thing coming over to talk to Douglas alone. Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


Cass and Frankie Have Dinner at Douglas and Christy's House, 1992--Part 2

Christy tells Frankie that Frankie is overreacting; Christy is not mad at her. She knew that Frankie would eventually find out about Douglas. Frankie says she wasn't trying to horn in where she wasn't wanted, she was just curious. When Christy presses, Frankie admits she was horning in a little bit. Christy insists again that she's not mad at Frankie. She just didn't tell her sooner because of Frankie and Cass starting to plan their wedding. Christy didn't want to be a downer. Frankie says Christy could never be a downer. Christy says she and Douglas don't want any of their friends to be uncomfortable about Douglas's illness. Frankie reminds Christy of their oath that they would share everything, no matter what, and not keep secrets. Has Christy outgrown this kind of friendship? Christy says she hasn't, and the friends hug. Meanwhile, Cass compliments Douglas on his library and says that "The Merchant of Venice" is one of his favorites. Douglas says that Cass is a gentleman and a scholar, which makes Frankie a very lucky lady. Frankie returns to the living room, with Christy close behind, and excitedly asks if she's lucky because she's going back to Venice, and hurries to Cass's side. Cass quips that he's still receiving thank-you notes from their Bank Card president, and he and Frankie tell Douglas and Christy about their wonderful, magical trip to Venice earlier this year. Cass reminds Frankie that wild horses had to drag her there, and Frankie says that it's a long story, but yes, Cass did have to kidnap her, although it did turn out perfectly in the end. Douglas says he and Christy got to Baden-Baden a few years ago, but Douglas has always wanted to show Christy Italy. Christy says next year after Douglas finishes his book, they'll have plenty of time for travel. Cass and Frankie touch foreheads and hands after they observe Douglas kiss Christy's hand, and Frankie leans her head against Cass's.

Cass remarks that Frankie and Douglas are two peas in a pod. Christy tells Cass that he is a rakish scholar, and Frankie has always been a sucker for the scholarly type. Frankie tells Douglas how Christy gave her a life loan one Christmas so she could get out of Oklahoma, and refused to let Frankie pay it back until she had gotten her life together, and Frankie used the money to leave Oklahoma and get her P.I. license. Douglas asks when Christy did this, and Frankie tells him it was longer ago than she cares to remember, but it was years ago when she was doing well in theatre, or maybe in commercials. Frankie goes to help Christy with the dessert and tells her that Douglas is an absolute dream. Christy says that a lot of people think when a younger woman marries an older man, they assume the reason is money. Frankie insists she doesn't think that. Christy says that she and Douglas are comfortable, and that the minute she met Douglas, every other man she had dated faded away. Frankie and Christy serve dessert and tea and Douglas asks when Cass and Frankie's wedding is going to be. Frankie says it will be soon. Christy says that Frankie had better get serious about choosing a date or everything will be booked. Douglas is surprised to learn how involved in Cass and Frankie's wedding planning Christy is. They discuss wedding plans for Cass and Frankie, and then Christy tells Cass and Frankie a little about her and Douglas's wedding at the New York Botanical Garden. Douglas interrupts the conversation to ask Christy for his pills and some water. She hurries to get them, and Frankie and Cass look at Douglas anxiously as Frankie asks if there's anything they can do. Douglas wipes his brow with his handkerchief and tells them that he just needs his medicine. Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


Felicia Smokes, Drinks, and Remembers

After leaving the jail, Felicia returns to KBAY and the set of her talk show. She calls out to first Paulina, and then Jenna, but finds that she is there by herself. After grabbing a bottle of vodka from the small refrigerator, she starts drinking and then starts smoking as well as she is assailed with memories, first of the good times with Luke when he came back into her life and they again became a couple and finally got married; the bad times when they argued about Luke playing poker and spending time with Sally; the devastation of the night he died; and Sally confessing to Luke's murder at D&M the night she almost killed Lorna, and Kevin came to the rescue. Felicia leaves her shoes in the hallway and enters her dressing room after fumbling with the key with her visit to the jail, her assertion that Sally killed her the night she killed Luke, and Sally's exclamations of hatred for Felicia ringing in her head. Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


Felicia Calls Lorna, Jenna, and Cass & Frankie, But Gets Answering Machines

In her dressing room, Felicia calls Lorna, but gets her answering machine because Lorna and Kevin are still out of town. She then calls Jenna, but gets Jenna and Dean's answering machine because they're not home, and Felicia thinks they're out having dinner. Finally, she calls Cass and Frankie, but they're at the Carsons' house so they're not home either. Felicia leaves messages for all, telling Lorna that she wants to hear all about her trip with Kevin, telling Jenna that she wants to talk to Jenna about what happened at the studio and didn't want to embarrass her, and simply telling Cass she needs to talk to him. Then she resumes trying to drown her sorrows in vodka and cigarettes. Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


Cass and Frankie Leave Douglas and Christy's House After Dinner, 1992

Cass and Frankie say their goodbyes and assure Douglas he has nothing to apologize for in regard to needing his medicine earlier. Outside, Frankie tells Cass that he can say it now: that Frankie was totally off base in thinking there was something wrong between Christy and Douglas. If ever two people were meant to be together... "What about us?" Cass asks, kissing Frankie's cheek.

"Besides us, I mean," Frankie says. As she and Cass head for their car, she remarks how awful it is about Douglas.

Meanwhile, inside the house, Douglas asks Christy why she always does that. When she asks what it is she always does, Douglas tells her not to pretend; she knows what he's talking about. Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


Lorna and Kevin in the Country, Part 4

Lorna gave in to the "flannel fashion nightmare" and wore the black jeans and red-and-black-plaid flannel shirt Kevin got her while they went horseback riding. They return to their room, and Kevin massages Lorna's calf when she gets a charlie horse. It's almost time for them to go home, but Lorna surprises Kevin when she tells him she doesn't want to leave. These have been two of the best days of her life here in the country with him, and she's afraid things will change when they go home. Kevin counters that he's looking forward to going home and seeing what the future brings him and Lorna. Lorna tells Kevin that she's a real fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants kind of gal and doesn't like to feel pinned down, so she lives for the moment. Kevin replies that Lorna is a risk taker; she makes everyone else's dreams come true, but she hasn't done that for herself yet. Lorna insists it's different, but Kevin says it isn't. Then he tells Lorna to kiss him one last time before they go home because he'll be damned if he's gonna leave here there, and she does. Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


Lorna and Kevin in the Country, Part 5

After making love, Lorna and Kevin talk. Lorna is still afraid that the real world will tear her and Kevin apart. Kevin says that's the world that brought them together. Lorna says that she's the type of person that sees a light at the end of the tunnel and it turns out to be an oncoming train. She and Kevin talk about everything they've shared with each other in recent months--Kevin's nightmares, Lorna confiding in Kevin about Lucas and Felicia, and how Carl hurt her, proving Kevin's innocence in Lucas's and Rick Madison's murders. When Lorna reminds Kevin that he walked out on her while they were working to prove Kevin's innocence, Kevin tells Lorna he'll never do that again. Lorna tells Kevin not to make promises he can't keep. Kevin says okay, fine, he'll go back and leave Lorna there in the country because it can't work. Lorna says yes it can and she and Kevin start laughing. Kevin tells Lorna that she is a woman of absolutes. Lorna pulls the comforter over their heads and tickles Kevin and he tells her to stop it in between laughs. Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


Felicia Sets Her Dressing Room on Fire While Drunk

Drunk on almost the entire bottle of vodka, Felicia passes out, dropping her lit cigarette on the floor, where it ignites one of her feather boas. Felicia is passed out cold from all that booze, and her dressing room is starting to go up in flames around her...and she's the only one at the station! Who will receive their messages from Felicia? And who among them--Lorna and Kevin, Jenna and Dean, and/or Cass and Frankie--will get to KBAY in time to stop another tragedy from occurring? Thanks to Janie for the scene.


Jenna and Dean Arrive at KBAY; Fire Rages in Felicia's Dressing Room

Jenna and Dean arrive at KBAY after getting Felicia's phone message, but they only look on the set, and Felicia is passed out in her burning dressing room. Jenna doesn't know where Felicia could be, because she and Dean have looked at TOPS, Felicia's apartment, and now the studio, and she's not in any of those places. Jenna also worries because Felicia didn't sound all right in her message. Dean suggests maybe Felicia just wanted to go somewhere on her own where nobody knows her to clear her head, and that it's a case of crossed signals--they're running all over town looking for Felicia, Felicia's running all over town looking for them, and they're missing each other because each of them thinks the other is someplace other than where they're looking. He then suggests they go home, and Felicia will eventually find them there. Meanwhile, Felicia's dressing room is filling up with smoke, and she's unconscious and breathing it all in! Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


Cass and Frankie 1992--Not Marrying Gandhi, and Getting Felicia's Message

Cass and Frankie arrive home from Douglas and Christy's. They talk a bit about Douglas and Christy, and then the banter kicks in when Frankie tells Cass that she and Christy used to talk when they were kids about the kind of men they'd marry when they grew up, and Frankie wanted to marry Gandhi. They laugh and start making out and they're headed upstairs all wrapped up in each other when Frankie notices the light on the answering machine is blinking. When she says she can't concentrate, Cass interrupts to say he can't either. Frankie finishes her thought by saying he knows she can't concentrate until she knows who called. So they play the message, it's Felicia, they instantly realize something's wrong, and when Felicia fails to answer the phone when Cass calls her back, Cass and Frankie hurry out into the night to find her. Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


Lorna and Kevin Head Home From the Country

Kevin is surprised to see that Lorna is taking home her "flannel fashion nightmare." Lorna replies that there are certain memories attached to those clothes, and she damns Kevin for bringing out her sentimental streak. Kevin tells her he kind of likes it, and he thinks Lorna does too. Lorna says she'll never admit to it. Kevin tells Lorna that if she thought their time in the country was something to be sentimental about, she hasn't seen anything yet, and adds that with the holidays coming up, they should really do them right this year. She can invite Mom, Grandma, and the whole family, and it'll be so warm and wonderful that even Lorna will thaw. Lorna tells Kevin that if anyone can thaw her, it's him. Kevin replies that he's counting on that. They kiss, and Kevin starts to say something, but Lorna cuts him off to tell him not to jinx it. She gives him her bag, saying, "I don't do luggage," and then makes Kevin laugh when she trips on her way out of the room, causing him to add that she doesn't walk very well either. Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


Dean and Jenna Realize Felicia's Dressing Room Is on Fire

Dean and Jenna didn't go home after all, since Jenna insisted on searching the studio. While she calls to see if Felicia left them another message, Dean says that they could have been home by now already, but he patiently waits while she punches in the retrieval code for their answering machine. Then Dean asks Jenna if she smells smoke. She does, and she abandons the phone to help Dean look for where the smell is coming from. They trace it to the dressing rooms, and when Dean opens the door that leads to the hallway where the dressing rooms are located, they see that it's filling with smoke. Then Jenna sees Felicia's shoes on the floor and freaks out because she might be in there. Jenna and Dean rush to Felicia's dressing room door and find it locked. They both yell out to Felicia, and Dean then sends Jenna to call the fire department before yelling to Felicia again to unlock the door, which he then starts pounding on, so they can get her out of there. Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


Cass and Frankie Help Dean and Jenna Save Felicia From the Dressing Room Fire

Dean is still pounding on Felicia's door and yelling to her when Jenna comes racing back to tell him she called the fire department and they're on their way. Cass and Frankie arrive then and sprint down the smoke-filled hallway as Jenna rapidly blurts out an explanation. Cass joins Dean in pounding on the door and calling for Felicia. Frankie has to hold the sobbing, hysterical Jenna back when Cass and Dean break the door down and charge into the flames to pull Felicia out as Frankie shouts at them to get Felicia out of there. It takes both Cass and Dean to carry Felicia out, and Cass says that Felicia isn't breathing. Frankie takes charge of the situation and tells the men to get Felicia in the other room so they can do CPR. Cass and Frankie perform CPR on Felicia on the soundstage. Dean gets a fire extinguisher and goes to put the fire out, and Jenna falls to her knees beside Felicia as Cass and Frankie work frantically to revive her. She gets halfway through the Hail Mary before giving up and screaming at God not to let Felicia die. Felicia then wakes up coughing and gasping because she can't get enough air. Cass freaks out when Felicia starts gasping, and Frankie again takes control when she tells Felicia to look at her and just breathe, and she speaks soothingly to Felicia as Felicia sucks in oxygen while Jenna rests her chin on Cass's shoulder and he reaches back to touch her hair and assure her that Felicia will be okay. Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


Felicia in the ER; Cass, Frankie, Dean and Jenna Talk to Billy Cooper and John

At the hospital, John treats Felicia in the ER. Meanwhile, Cass and Frankie, Dean and Jenna talk to Billy Cooper about the fire. Billy asks about arson and vandalism, but Dean says it was nothing like that. It didn't look like anybody broke in. Jenna adds that Felicia's dressing room was locked from the inside. John comes out to talk to the group then. He tells them Felicia is stable, but they're going to have to watch her very carefully. John asks what happened, and the group explains: Dean and Cass pulled Felicia out of the fire, and she wasn't breathing. They couldn't find a pulse, so Cass and Frankie administered CPR right away. Jenna tells John that he saved Felicia's life, but John says it sounds like they all did. Frankie asks how Felicia's heartbeat is now, because it was unsteady at the studio. John says it's stable, but the arrhythmia could recur. Felicia inhaled an awful lot of smoke, which put a lot of stress on her heart and caused the cardiac arrhythmia, and although she's stable now, Felicia is a long way from being fine. Frankie hugs the distraught Jenna and consoles her, telling her that Felicia is going to come out of this better and stronger than before. When Jenna says that Frankie doesn't know that, Frankie says that she does know it. Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


Cass and Billy Cooper at the Scene of the Fire

Billy Cooper is at KBAY with the firefighters when Cass arrives and tells Billy that it looks like Felicia's going to pull through. Billy says it's lucky that Dean and Jenna found her when they did; a few more minutes, and it would have been all over. Then Billy asks Cass if Felicia smokes. Cass tells Billy that Felicia hasn't smoked in years, but then admits that he saw her smoking at the studio a few days ago and asks why. Billy replies that the fire chief thinks a cigarette started the fire. Cass can't believe Felicia would be so careless as to fall asleep with a lit cigarette in her hand. Billy replies that he used to be a two-pack-a-day man himself, and occasionally when his nerves are shot, he still grabs a smoke. Cass says Felicia's nerves are definitely shot these days. A smoke, a good cry, a nap...Billy says they don't know what happened in that dressing room. Cass replies that Felicia wants everybody to believe that she can handle everything just fine, but she's hiding the truth, especially from herself. Cass hits the ceiling when he finds out Felicia went to visit Sally Madison. Billy starts to share his theory with Cass that Felicia returned to the studio upset after talking to Sally, but they are interrupted by Marlowe, the fire chief, who has the bottle of vodka from Felicia's dressing room. Billy says it looks like they're starting to put some of the pieces of this puzzle together. Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


Jenna and Dean See Felicia While Frankie Talks to John

After Billy Cooper calls the hospital to tell them about the bottle of vodka the fire department found in Felicia's dressing room, John orders a blood alcohol level test on Felicia stat. Jenna is desperate to see her mother, and Dean and Frankie try to reassure her. When John tells them that Felicia is going to be okay, Jenna gratefully hugs John. She and Dean go in to see Felicia after John gives them the okay, emphasizing that they have to keep Felicia calm. Jenna talks to Felicia as Dean looks on, offering silent strength and support to especially Jenna, but also to Felicia. Meanwhile, Frankie tells John that she felt a tightness in her own chest that she can't explain when Felicia was having trouble getting oxygen, and when she put her hand on Felicia's chest, she felt a connection--whenever Frankie breathed, Felicia breathed; and as Frankie relaxed, Felicia relaxed. She can't explain it, but she knows she felt it. Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


Felicia Overhears Cass, Frankie, Dean, Jenna, and John Discussing the Fire and Her Being Drunk

Cass returns to the hospital from KBAY and tells Frankie, Jenna, and Dean that the fire was started by a cigarette, and that a bottle of vodka was found in Felicia's dressing room. Felicia overhears the quartet talking, and Cass and Jenna starting to argue when Cass insists that Felicia is not okay, and Jenna insists just as vehemently that even if Felicia is not all right, Felicia was not drunk. John shoots down Jenna's theory when he reports to the group that the tests showed that Felicia was way over the limit for legal intoxication. Jenna still refuses to believe that Felicia was drunk. John tells Jenna that they need all the information they can get in order to help Felicia. Jenna explodes that she almost saw her mother die today, and it wasn't because she was drinking. Felicia cries alone in her ER room. Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


Jake and Paulina 1992--In Search of Madonna, Part 1

Rachel gave Jake an assignment: if he wants to work for KBAY, then he has to get videotaped footage of Madonna. So Jake and Paulina are trying to find out where Madonna is, and they're not having any luck. Paulina thinks it's impossible, and that Rachel is sending Jake on a wild goose chase, but Jake will not be deterred. After striking out at every attempt they make to track down Madonna (Paulina left four messages with Lorna, who never called them back; the celebrity information service Paulina uses for Felicia's show all the time only yields Jake an autographed picture; Marah is on tour in Germany; and Madonna's press person is harder to get a hold of than Madonna), Jake finds an article talking about Madonna's privately held art collection, and convinces Paulina to call Dennis, since he owns an art gallery. As soon as Paulina and Jake learn that Dennis does, in fact, know Madonna, Jake snatches the phone from Paulina to tell Dennis that he and Paulina are on their way over because Dennis has to help Jake out of the jam of a lifetime. Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


Jake and Paulina 1992--In Search of Madonna, Part 2

Jake and Paulina arrive at Dennis's, and Marley is there with Dennis. Jake and Paulina explain about needing to find Madonna. Dennis initially doesn't want to help Jake, but he finally agrees. Jake, Paulina, Dennis, and Marley all call various sources from Dennis's files and Rolodex in search of Madonna, but they get four different answers about where she is. The last number they have to call is Madonna's agent, who informs Jake that Madonna is in seclusion at her vacation home. Now the only question is, does Dennis know where Madonna's vacation home is? Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


Jake and Paulina 1992--In Search of Madonna, Part 3

Jake and Paulina arrive in the driveway of a house that Jake is convinced is Madonna's vacation home based on Dennis's description, and that Paulina is not at all convinced is Madonna's vacation home. Jake sets off the alarm by throwing a stick over the fence, and when the dogs start barking, Paulina leaps into Jake's arms. Paulina tries to talk Jake out of scaling the walls and facing down the guard dogs because she thinks they'll go to jail. Jake dons a costume and tries to pass himself off as Brick McAllister, Water Purification Engineer, in order to gain entrance to the house, but the ploy fails because he doesn't have a coded identification card to scan so that the man who answers the intercom can verify the information. Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


Jake and Paulina 1992--In Search of Madonna, Part 4

Jake and Paulina arrive at the motel nearest to Madonna's vacation home (or what Jake thinks is Madonna's vacation home, anyway) and flop down on the bed, exhausted. Jake is still determined to find a way to get that video footage of Madonna because, he tells Paulina, Rachel set him up to fail, and he wants to make sure she swallows her smirk. Jake says he still has a full bag of tricks. Paulina replies that's what scares her. Jake adds that he just has to explore more possibilities and be creative. This gives Paulina an idea--maybe Madonna is closer than Jake thinks. He's not the only one with a bag of tricks around here. If Jake needs Madonna, then he's got Madonna. Paulina leaves the room, then comes back and knocks on the door, asking Jake if he's ready. Then she enters wearing a black wig, sunglasses, and clothing that makes her look like Madonna and tells Jake that she's Madonna. Jake replies that now he's the scared one. Paulina outlines her plan for Jake to tape her as Madonna so he gets his footage and Rachel gets her videotape. Jake says it'll never work. Paulina reminds Jake about Brick McAllister. Jake insists that Rachel will never buy it because for one thing, Madonna doesn't have dark hair anymore. Paulina says that she just saw Madonna with dark hair on a talk show last week. Jake retorts that Paulina changes her hair as often as she changes her boyfriends. Now Paulina is the one who won't be deterred, and she heads out after telling Jake she has a better idea and she's going back to the drawing board. After she leaves, Jake muses aloud, "And people say I'm the strange one." Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


Jake and Paulina 1992--In Search of Madonna, Part 5

If this isn't the most memorable Jake and Paulina scene of all time, it's got to be in the top three. Paulina returns with another costume, showing off her blonde ambition and her dancing skills, both of which render Jake nearly speechless. He recovers enough of the power of speech to tell Paulina that she's ten times hotter than Madonna before they decide to wait until later to find Madonna and concentrate on each other in the here and now. Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


Jenna and Dean Tell Lorna and Kevin About Felicia and the Fire

Lorna and Kevin arrive back at Lorna's place after driving all night. They're getting ready to snuggle up on the couch when the doorbell rings and Dean and Jenna start calling for Lorna. Lorna tells them to go away, she's very happy now, but they persist, and when Jenna calls that Felicia almost got herself killed last night, Lorna is up and at the door, and Kevin too is on his feet. Dean and Jenna tell Lorna and Kevin about the fire in Felicia's dressing room and that Felicia is at the hospital, but she's fine. Dean and Cass had to break the door down to get to her, and Cass and Frankie had to perform CPR on her. Lorna asks why they didn't call her. Dean tells her they did, but got her machine, and Jenna adds that they didn't know where she'd gone. Kevin asks how the fire got started. Dean starts to tell Lorna and Kevin about the fire and Felicia's drinking, but Jenna cuts him off and simply says the fire was started by a cigarette. Lorna wants to know since when does Felicia smoke. Dean starts to ask Lorna if she's noticed Felicia drinking lately, but Jenna again cuts him off and tells him they need to get back to the hospital because she doesn't want to keep Felicia waiting. Lorna wants to go with them, but Kevin convinces her to let him drive her there. Dean and Jenna head back to the hospital, and after they're gone, Lorna lashes out at Kevin and blames herself for not being there when her mother needed her. Kevin tells Lorna this is not her fault. Lorna says that while she and Kevin were frolicking in the leaves and splashing in the tub, her mother almost died, and Felicia is still not over her father's death. She insists that she should have been there. Kevin points out that Lorna isn't over Lucas's death either and that after everything that Kevin and Lorna have been through, they deserved that vacation. Lorna tells Kevin the vacation is over now, sarcastically says, "Welcome home," and stalks toward the door. Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


Felicia Won't Listen; Her Kids Arrive at the Hospital

John is not pleased that Felicia has set up a breakfast buffet from TOPS at the hospital because she's supposed to be resting and tries to talk to her, but she won't hear it. She insists that she feels fabulous and is thankful to be alive and she wants to thank the hospital staff. John tells Felicia she still isn't 100%, but Felicia just wants to know when she can go home. John tells her she's not going anywhere until her test results are in, and they need to talk. Felicia says she knows they need to talk, and she tells John that she will never smoke another cigarette, and maybe she'll do some public-service announcements. John says that's great about the smoking, but that's not what they have to talk about, and Felicia brushes him off when her family shows up. Jenna and Dean arrive first, followed immediately thereafter by Lorna and Kevin. Jenna wants to know what Felicia is doing out of bed, but Felicia just insists that she's fine and goes to make plates of food for Jenna and Dean. Lorna doesn't understand why Felicia is hosting a breakfast party. Dean says he and Jenna don't understand either. Felicia happily greets Lorna and Kevin and says she had "a little mishap," and wants to hear all about their trip as she drags them over to the buffet table. Neither of them says anything, but Felicia says she can see it in their eyes. Lorna apologizes for not getting there sooner and asks Felicia if she's sure she's okay. Felicia assures Lorna that it's all right because Lorna is there now, and that Felicia just had a little accident and everything is fine now, Felicia promises it is. Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


Cass and Rachel Discuss the Fire and Felicia's Drinking

At KBAY, Cass and Rachel go over Rachel's insurance policy, and Cass tells her that Felicia's show will only have to be dark for a week while repairs are made. But they agree that the repairs are the least of the problems: Felicia and what almost happened last night is the problem. Both Cass and Rachel are upset about what happened last night. Rachel confesses to Cass that she doesn't know how to proceed. She wanted to believe Felicia when Felicia swore her drinking wasn't a problem, but the alcohol level in Felicia's blood last night proves that Rachel wasn't overreacting. Rache thinks she should have tried harder to get through to Felicia even though Felicia wouldn't open up to her. Now it's Cass's turn to try and get through to Felicia, and like Rachel before him, he's not sure how to get Felicia to stop being defensive and belligerent and face reality. She almost died last night, which is plenty sobering for Cass and Rachel...but is it sobering enough for Felicia? Cass agrees to talk to Felicia and says he just hopes he doesn't lose his best friend. Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


Felicia With Her Family and Friends at the Hospital

At the hospital, Felicia thanks Dean for his part in her rescue last night and tells him she feels lucky to have him and Jenna in her life and promises him no more cigarettes. Lorna and Jenna argue over who's going to take Felicia home since each of them wants to, and Jenna finally says that they'll both take her home. Cass and Rachel arrive and are surprised to see the party at the hospital. Rachel asks Felicia how she's feeling, and Cass asks if John talked to Felicia. Felicia assures her friends that she is fine, and that she promised John she'd take care of herself. John tells Cass and Rachel that Felicia refused to talk about the drinking, that she thinks the accident was caused by a combination of the smoking and her exhaustion, and that she's avoiding the truth like the plague. Cass tells Rachel this is going to be even more difficult than they thought. Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


Cass and Rachel Prepare to Talk to Felicia and Her Daughters

Felicia asks John to sign her out before her test results come back, and John refuses to release Felicia until her test results are in. Cass and Rachel realize that they'll have to divide and conquer and empty out the room in order to get Felicia alone so Cass can talk to her about her drinking. Rachel asks to talk to Lorna and Jenna at the studio, and they agree. Cass recruits Dean and Kevin to distribute some of the dozens of floral arrangements Felicia has received all over the hospital. He goes with them initially. Jenna tells Felicia that she and Lorna are going over to the studio with Rachel. Felicia asks Rachel to check on the sprinklers and alarms at the studio. Jenna and Lorna tell Felicia goodbye and leave with Rachel. Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


Cass Confronts Felicia About Her Drinking

In these emotionally charged scenes, Cass returns from "flower patrol" with Dean and Kevin and confronts Felicia about her drinking and the part it played in the fire last night, refusing to let Felicia shrug it off or avoid it any longer. Felicia admits to being scared when she came to and saw Frankie hovering over her and was struggling to breathe. She promises Cass that they can talk anytime Cass wants to. John interrupts to tell Felicia that her test results are in and she's fine, and Felicia immediately switches gears from tearful and scared to happy about being able to finally go home. Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


Rachel Tells Lorna and Jenna the Truth About Felicia's Drinking and the Fire

At KBAY, Rachel tells Lorna and Jenna about Felicia's show being dark for a week while repairs are made. Lorna asks what this is all about. Rachel tells Lorna and Jenna that she wants to talk to them both and she thinks it would be better if it was all out in the open. She struggles at first, but when Lorna tells her to say what she means, Rachel tells the girls that they have reason to believe that Felicia's drinking is what caused the accident last night. The fact that Felicia was drinking last night is news to Lorna, who gets angry when she learns that Jenna knew about the drinking and didn't tell her. Jenna says the fire was the important part, and Felicia having a few is no big deal. Rachel tells Jenna it's more than that. Felicia hasn't been herself lately and they've all seen it, and Rachel thinks the drinking has to do with it. Lorna says that if what Rachel is saying is true, then Felicia needs a lot of help. Jenna exclaims that Lorna and Rachel are making Felicia sound like an alcoholic. Rachel replies that she knows this is hard for Jenna, but they found a liquor bottle in Felicia's dressing room. Jenna tries to say it wasn't necessarily Felicia's liquor, but Lorna tells her to wake up. Lorna then says that she and Rachel are not attacking Felicia, but if Felicia's drinking caused the fire... Jenna tells Lorna that Lorna doesn't know that was the cause. The ladies are interrupted by a crew member who gives Rachel a miniature bottle of vodka that was found hidden on the set of Felicia's show. After the crew member leaves, Lorna says that now Felicia is carrying liquid lunch to work. Jenna insists that Felicia would never do that because she's a total professional. Lorna says this isn't a crime, but it is something that can be dealt with, and obviously Rachel feels that Felicia has a serious drinking problem. Lorna is obviously inclined to agree with Rachel about Felicia's drinking problem, but Jenna still questions it. Thanks to Janie for the scenes.


Faith Daniels Interviews Six AW Cast Members, 1992--Part 1

Linda Dano (Felicia Gallant), John Aprea (Lucas), Stephen Schnetzer (Cass Winthrop), Alice Barrett Mitchell (Frankie Frame), Ricky Paull Goldin (Dean Frame), and Alla Korot (Jenna Norris) are interviewed on "A Closer Look With Faith Daniels," June 1992.

In part 1 of the interview, the six actors are introduced, they attempt to explain how their characters are related, and we learn which two of the six were nominated for Daytime Emmy Awards that year.

Thanks to Suzanne for providing the interview.


Faith Daniels Interviews Six AW Cast Members, 1992--Part 2

Linda Dano (Felicia Gallant), John Aprea (Lucas), Stephen Schnetzer (Cass Winthrop), Alice Barrett Mitchell (Frankie Frame), Ricky Paull Goldin (Dean Frame), and Alla Korot (Jenna Norris) are interviewed on "A Closer Look With Faith Daniels," June 1992.

In part 2 of the interview, the actors reveal which of them is most like their character and which of them is a big practical joker, and a clip from the 1992 prime-time special "Summer Desire" is shown.

Thanks to Suzanne for providing the interview.


Faith Daniels Interviews Six AW Cast Members, 1992--Part 3 (Conclusion)

Linda Dano (Felicia Gallant), John Aprea (Lucas), Stephen Schnetzer (Cass Winthrop), Alice Barrett Mitchell (Frankie Frame), Ricky Paull Goldin (Dean Frame), and Alla Korot (Jenna Norris) are interviewed on "A Closer Look With Faith Daniels," June 1992.

In the third and final part of the interview, the actors take questions from the audience about the show and their characters.

Thanks to Suzanne for providing the interview.


Cass and Frankie 1990--Home From Vegas

Cass and Frankie arrive home from Las Vegas after Stacey wires them the money to get out of there and back to Bay City. Cass's back is still in great pain, but Frankie has recovered from her allergy attack and the accompanying hyperventilation. However, Frankie still insists that she has not recovered from the curse, and things will only get worse from here, which is why, even though she wants to be with Cass, she can't be, for his sake. Cass refuses to let this curse scare him off and tells Frankie that he wants to be with her. Frankie tells Cass that she wants to be with him too, but they can't. Before they can continue the argument, Stacey arrives with Paulina, who is new in town and has just hired on as Steven's nanny (subject to Vicky's approval). Stacey introduces Paulina to Frankie and Cass, and they chat a bit about Steven and Jamie and Vicky, and then while Paulina shows Frankie the new clothes that Stacey helped her shop for, Stacey presents Cass with her billing sheet, which leads to the siblings having an argument when Cass finds out that Stacey is now representing Lucas.


Cass and Frankie 1990--I'm Not Giving Up on Us

Frankie fixes Cass's back in the same way she did after he threw it out diving for the prune danish she tossed him in 1989, but pulls away before he can kiss her to gather up her things and go home. Cass tells Frankie he's not giving up on them. She touches his face and then leaves. Meanwhile, Lucas calls from the police station--he's been arrested for racketeering. Stacey tells him she'll be there in ten minutes. Cass still doesn't want Stacey to be Lucas's lawyer, and Stacey still insists that she is going to be Lucas's lawyer, so the siblings leave Paulina to wait for her ride and head to the police station still arguing about Lucas.


Cass and Stacey 1990--Vegas Was a Disaster, But Lucas Will Be a Bigger Disaster

Cass and Stacey return to the law office with Lucas and Iris after Stacey gets Lucas out on bail. Cass tells off Lucas and trades barbs with Iris, but Stacey holds firm on being Lucas's lawyer. Stacey asks Cass what's really bothering him. What really happened in Vegas with Frankie? Cass tells Stacey that Vegas was a disaster, but that Stacey remaining Lucas's lawyer will be an even bigger disaster.


Derek and Frankie 1990--Deep Down, You Don't Think That You Deserve to Be Loved

Frankie doesn't go home right away. She goes to the Pelican Club to talk to Derek first, and tells him about her trip to Vegas with Cass, and that it was a total disaster because she is cursed. Derek tells Frankie that he used to think he was cursed too, but then he met Stacey, and she brought him back to the world. He stopped running, and he realized that he could have the things he wanted just by reaching out for them, and that all of his problems were inside himself. Frankie concedes that maybe she isn't cursed, maybe all of these terrible things happen because... Derek interrupts his friend to gently tell her that if she's anything like he was, all of this is because deep down, Frankie doesn't think that she deserves to be loved.


Frankie and John Discuss Sharlene's Past and Present Behavior, 1990

Frankie goes to the farm to see Sharlene, which surprises John because, he tells Frankie, Sharlene left a little while ago to go to Frankie's place. John shows Frankie some pictures of Sharlene he found from a long time ago, in which she's posing with two servicemen, and asks if one of the men is Sharlene's first husband Floyd Watts. Frankie tells John that neither man in the picture is Floyd Watts. When Frankie remarks that Sharlene looks happy in the pictures, John tells her to look again. Sharlene doesn't look happy, she looks manic. Sharlene maintains that that was the worst time of her life, and John believes that. He asks Frankie if she knew Sharlene back then, and Frankie replies that Sharlene didn't come home very often when she was growing up, but she does remember there being a lot of trouble one summer when Sharlene came home. Sharlene and Frankie's mother fought like cats and dogs all summer. John asks what they fought about. Frankie can't be sure, since she was still pretty little at the time, but she tells John that maybe that was when her mother found out what Sharlene was doing for a living. The other thing Frankie remembers about Sharlene that summer is that she was really wired. John asks what Frankie means, and Frankie replies that Sharlene was really emotional, and kind of frantic. Frankie tells John that she hasn't seen Sharlene that way in years...not until recently.

The scenes of Frankie and John's conversation are intercut with scenes of Sharly speeding around town in Sharlene's car.


Cass and Frankie 1990--Making Peace, Making Progress

Cass concludes a phone call by thanking the person on the other end of the line and telling them that he's sure Frankie will thank them too. Then Lucas walks in and says his office got a message that he was to come to the law office right away and asks if Stacey reached a break in his case. Cass tells Lucas that he's the one who called, and that Winthrop and Edwards is not going to represent Lucas. Cass and Lucas are arguing about this, with Lucas saying he didn't hire Winthrop and Edwards, he hired Stacey, and Cass saying that the firm doesn't need the bad publicity Lucas is certain to bring them when Frankie walks in and ends up playing peacemaker between Cass and Lucas. She asks to talk to Cass, and then calmly, reasonably points out the logical reasons that Lucas should remain Stacey's client: Stacey is going to be very angry if Cass goes behind her back like this and gets rid of her client; over the past couple of months, Frankie has gotten to know Lucas very well, and he has treated Frankie very well and done some good things for Frankie even when he had every reason not to; and way beyond that, Frankie cannot believe that Cass would deny Lucas the chance to get the best representation he can get. Isn't that what the law is all about? Cass tells Frankie that he hates it when she's right. Frankie replies that she knows he does and tells him to sue her. Cass tells Lucas that a cooler head has prevailed, and they will represent him. Lucas thanks Frankie for interceding on his behalf. Cass warns Lucas that if Lucas is not straight with Stacey, or if he hurts Stacey in any way, Cass will come looking for him. Lucas tells Frankie goodbye and leaves. Frankie thanks Cass for keeping Lucas as a client of the firm. Cass tells Frankie that she had a couple of good points, and if they're going to be together and work things out, he has to listen to what she has to say. Frankie tells Cass he doesn't *have* to listen to her, and he tells her that he wants to listen to her. Frankie kisses Cass on the cheek. Then Cass says, "Isn't that something? No lightning bolts, no sprinklers going off, no cops busting in. We must be making progress."


Cass and Frankie 1990--Facing the Curse

Frankie still insists that the curse will never let her and Cass get together, but she doesn't want to drop him from her life, so since the curse only applies to the objects of Frankie's desire, she has a compromise: she and Cass can be in each other's lives, but not romantically involved, because when they started getting closer, the bad things started happening, so Frankie wants to go back to the way they were before that. Cass tells Frankie they can give that a try, and asks when she wants to start as they shake hands on it. Frankie says they can start right now, and Cass says that's great. As they head into Cass's private office to work on some of the files that piled up while they were in Vegas, Cass conversationally asks Frankie to describe Grandma Almo. Frankie describes her as the Three Witches from MacBeth all rolled into one, a real old crony, someone you should definitely give a wide berth to, which, unfortunately, Frankie didn't. Cass just watches her with a smile playing on his face.

After working for a while, Cass suggests they take a break. Frankie wants to go home, but Cass asks her to stay, and she agrees. Then there's a knock at the front door of the law office, and Frankie goes to answer it. A rather nondescript old woman says she's there to see Cass Winthrop. Cass comes out and greets her. The old woman says that she called earlier. Cass remembers, and asks Frankie if she knows who the old woman is. Frankie looks at the old woman and says no, she doesn't know her; should she? Cass replies that he thinks so--the old woman is Grandma Almo!

Frankie asks what Grandma Almo is doing there. Cass explains that he sent for Grandma Almo. Frankie panics and asks Cass if he's nuts. Grandma Almo is out to get her, and Cass sent a chauffeur to pick her up? Cass tells Frankie that she and Grandma just need to clear the air, and then Frankie will see that the curse is all in her head. Frankie bolts for Cass's private office and closes the door, yelling through the door to Cass that the curse is NOT in her head, and she asks Cass if he needs another building to fall on them. Didn't Vegas prove to him that she's cursed?

Cass drags Frankie out of his private office to face Grandma Almo and the curse once and for all, and in the ensuing conversation, Frankie learns a few things that she didn't know before...like that Tony Almo had a bad heart from the time he was a child. And that he had many more girlfriends than Frankie and Bernadette, the woman that Frankie walked in on him in bed with and whose nightgown he died wearing. Cass tells Grandma Almo that Frankie thinks Grandma Almo blames her for Tony's death. Grandma Almo replies that that's not so. Frankie didn't give Tony a bad heart, or a taste for floozies. Frankie's a good girl, and Grandma hoped she would change Tony. Frankie asks why Grandma cursed her then, and explains that Mario, the chef at The Blue Grotto, translated what Grandma Almo said. Grandma Almo replies that Mario the chef learned his Italian at Berlitz, and that Grandma did say angry words, but they were not directed at Frankie; they were directed at Tony and his bimbo Bernadette, because Tony was a cheater, and he brought shame to the family the way he died. Cass and Frankie exchange a look, and Frankie says she doesn't believe this. Frankie says that she thought Grandma Almo wished her evil, and bad luck to her and anyone who loves her. Grandma tells Frankie no, she could never do that. Bernadette, on the other hand, she did wish pain. But never Frankie. Cass says he's glad they got that straightened out. Frankie says she is too. Grandma Almo gives Frankie the varsity letter that Tony won in college. Frankie thanks Grandma and says that it will help her remember the good times. Grandma Almo tells Cass not to hurt Frankie. "Oh, no. No way!" Cass assures Grandma. The car is waiting to take Grandma Almo home, but before she leaves, she tells Frankie and Cass that she wishes them both only good things. Frankie thanks Grandma and closes the door behind her after she leaves.


Cass and Frankie 1990--It's Okay to Be Scared As Long As That Doesn't Keep You From Trying

Frankie asks Cass if that sweet little old lady didn't jinx her, then where do all these accidents come from? Cass says maybe they created them; they say if you look for trouble, you'll find it eventually. Then Cass tells Frankie, "I'm afraid too, you know."

"You? What of?" Frankie asks.

"The same thing as you," Cass replies. "Of loving someone."

"And giving that person the power to hurt you," Frankie says.

"Yeah," Cass replies. "But I'm ready to take a chance."

"You think it's okay to be afraid?" Frankie asks.

"Sure, if it doesn't keep you from trying," Cass replies.

They embrace. Then Frankie says that she cursed herself. She made herself over with all these quirks and eccentricities and roadblocks between herself and the rest of the world, especially Cass. She was afraid to love Cass and be loved back. "This is great, now you think I'm an even bigger basket case," she concludes.

"No, no," Cass assures her. "I was just thinking that we've both suffered from curses."

"You mean the 'what sort of club would have me for a member' curse?" Frankie asks.

"Mmm-hmm," Cass replies. "And I've got those 'Gee, why don't you love me? Oh, you do? I'll see you later' blues."

"I'm familiar with that concept, yeah," Frankie says.

"So what do we do now?" Cass asks.

"Start over again," Frankie replies firmly, and with a smile.

"Now there's a novel idea," Cass says, also smiling. "But I like it."

"So do I," Frankie says.

Frankie thanks Cass for getting her through this thing with Grandma Almo and not throwing in the towel. A lesser man would have bolted a long time ago. Cass says they both know that he's exceptional--a manly man, not a girly man. "Oh, lord," Frankie groans, but she's smiling. Cass and Frankie leave for dinner then holding hands, and Cass tells Frankie they'll go anywhere she wants. She says she's up for anything but Italian, and they head out together...finally, really together.