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Jul 24 08 7:54 PM

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They really put him through the wringer medically!

I've seen bits and pieces of things from the remainder of the early '80s on Eddie's tapes (can't wait to see the whole storylines, hopefully, someday), but starting in 1980, Mac got hurt or suffered serious injuries or medical conditions a lot:

[spoiler]1979-80: Janice Frame poisons Mac and he nearly dies.

1981: Mac is shot in the chest by loudmouth Lenny the Hitman, who was aiming for Sandy.

1984: On a business trip to British Columbia, Mac's plane crashes; he's the only survivor and is found half-frozen in the Canadian wilderness.

1984: Several months after surviving the plane crash, Mac suffers a stroke, which sends him into physical and speech therapy to learn to walk and talk again.


I never realized until now just how much they put Mac through from a medical/physical standpoint over those 4-5 years (especially 1984--talk about six of one and half a dozen of the other!).

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Jul 24 08 9:01 PM

...and then there's *Rachel*...

~~~From Eddie's AWHP:


In 1967 Rachel was diagnosed with bacterial endocarditis
after fainting while modeling during a fashion show.

Rachel miscarried Russ Matthews' baby in on July 11, 1968,
and Mac Cory's (RIP) baby in 1976.

Rachel has been blind several times.
In 1978, she was blinded temporarily while being rescued from Sven.
In 1983 she was in a car accident that left her sightless
for several months. In 1991, she was attacked
by one of Carl Hutchins's henchmen.
The attack left her with vision problems for several months.

She had appendicitis in 1980.

From March 1985 to July 1985, Rachel suffered a bout of amnesia
after being injured during a shoot-out between Mac and Carl.
Rachel's fear that Carl would harm Mac and her sister Nancy
blocked her memory from returning.
In 1995 she suffered localized amnesia
of the night Ryan Harrison was killed.

In 1995, Rachel was abducted by her evil double,
Justine Duvalier, and drugged into stupefaction.
She recovered with no ill after-effects.

In November 1996, Rachel became pregnant
with Carl Hutchins' baby. In her sixth month,
the doctors discovered a tumor growing in her uterus.
Rachel chose to continue with her pregnancy
rather than allow doctors to remove the growth
as it would likely kill the fetus.
After her twins were born, the tumor was tested
and found to be benign.
In fact, the fetuses had been protecting
their mother from the growth.

~~~We've had some very 'inventive' writers along
the way, eh?

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Jul 24 08 10:40 PM

I've seen part of Rachel's 1991 blindness, and some of the 1985 amnesia story.

I knew she had a miscarriage before Amanda, but I never knew she was pregnant by Russ and lost the baby.

Oh, and the appendicitis, that's right, because that's when they discovered she was pregnant with Matthew.


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